Probate Kings County Attorney: What Is The Role Of A Probate Attorney In A Fiduciary Breach?

Probate Kings County Attorney: What Is The Role Of A Probate Attorney In A Fiduciary Breach?

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A fiduciary is someone who agrees to act on behalf of and in favor of another. Fiduciary’s role is mainly to manage their finances. The relationship between both parties is legal and revolves around trust, care, good faith, and confidence. In the duty of the fiduciary, to be loyal to the beneficiary and should not profit from the contract anyway. The relationship between an executor and heirs to an estate constitutes a fiduciary duty. When the fiduciary is asked to be trustworthy, dependable, and discreet by the client’s request, a fiduciary duty is in place. Deviation from the agreement or a fiduciary not performing their duties will result in a breach of fiduciary. So, it is best to consult with a probate Kings county attorney to deal with such conflict of interests.

A fiduciary alliance can be of many types.

  • Attorney-Client relationship

An attorney has a duty of being honest and trying their best to help the client in all court proceedings.

  • Guardian-Ward relationship

A guardian has to be responsible for the ward’s physical and mental well-being and ensure the ward is provided for.

  • Employer-Employee relationship

An employer must be appreciative of the work done by the employee and pay salaries on time.

How Does A Fiduciary Breach Come About? Get In Touch With A Probate Kings County Attorney

Fiduciaries are usually professionals, but it is not necessary for them to be. In fact, sometimes family, friends, and even neighbors are requested to act on behalf of the beneficiary.

Fiduciaries have a duty of loyalty and need to care about the interest of the beneficiary. Suppose a fiduciary has breached or violated any of their responsibilities, causing harm to the beneficiary. In that case, the beneficiary has a right to contact a Probate Kings county attorney to help take the necessary action. There are many activities that can ascertain a breach.

It is the job of a fiduciary to act on behalf of a beneficiary, not their own. If a fiduciary participates in activities that help promote their selfish interest, it is considered a violation. Also, theft constitutes a breach; it occurs when the fiduciary distributes the beneficiary’s estate with permission.

Generation of fake documents like certificates and deeds constitute serious breaches. Hence, beneficiaries need to keep an account of all documents submitted by the fiduciary so that they have proof during the trial.

Fiduciaries are usually well trained and knowledgeable. If family members are fiduciaries, they need to be aware of the process and the beneficiary’s desires on how to divide the estate appropriately. Fiduciaries should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs; this may cause them to make decisions that may negatively affect the beneficiary’s estate.

Accounting errors are another form of a fiduciary mistake on the inaccurate calculation of the values that lead to permanent estate damages.

Hence, failing to make a payment with any creditors may result in serious financial issues. It includes falling into default, and defaulting can have severe difficulties for securing future credit.

How Can A Probate Kings County Attorney Help In A Fiduciary Breach

A Probate Kings county attorney has many duties during the probate process. One of them being investigating a Fiduciary breach allegation which could be made against the executor.

Breach of fiduciary duties could cause damage to the beneficiaries both mentally and financially. An attorney can help win a fiduciary case and strip the executor of their fiduciary powers.

To ensure victory for fiduciary breach complaints, a beneficiary needs to prove that they have undergone mental and financial damages. They also need to prove that the executor tasked with fiduciary duties such as ensuring proper division of the estate and loyalty towards the beneficiaries has violated their duties by burying relevant information and embezzling estate funds accountable. An attorney can act against a breach only if the beneficiary can prove that they have suffered damages. Thus, the beneficiary needs to be alert and keep an orderly record of communication and other related documents. It can help prove the fiduciary breach complaint.


A first-time fiduciary can make sure they have a fundamental understanding of fiduciary duties, and avoid any transactions that could potentially be questionable. Fiduciary breaches are common, sometimes they are intentional, and sometimes not. As a beneficiary, you have to be alert and keep track of all probate proceedings. So, the probate Kings county attorney can help deal with the malpractice by the fiduciary before any permanent harm. They will help you to tackle all kinds of complicated situations.

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