Probate Lawyer Near Me Tells Ways To Avoid Probate

Probate Lawyer Near Me Tells Ways To Avoid Probate

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A probate lawyer is required to settle my estate problem. But this process includes many serious problems. I’ll know the proceedings correctly from a probate lawyer near me to get rid of it.

What Is A Probate Process?

The probate process is a particular type of court case, in which the family of the decedent applies for settling the properties and heirs right. This process follows some essential steps, and they are:

  • Filing a petition for estate settlement and giving notice to the heirs and beneficiaries. 
  • Following the court order, informing the creditors of the estate and taking inventory of the property.
  • Gathering all the essential documents for further process.
  • Settling the property according to the decedent’s will or the law of intestacy.

Necessity Of Probate Process

If there is a problem regarding the estate settlement and the family members cannot solve it, then the probate process is necessary. This process helps to sort out the estate problems. Then it leads towards a fair settlement of the property following a neat and clean process. 

During the probate process, the family comes to know about the entire property and beneficiaries. If there is a will, then the probate process becomes more manageable. When the decedent doesn’t make a will of his or her property and belongings, the heirs and beneficiaries must obey the intestacy’s law. 

Why Do I Need A Probate Lawyer Near Me?

The estate settlement is a tricky and complicated case. It becomes more difficult when family conflict involves it. If there is no will of the estate, then a usual lawyer cannot deal with it correctly. That is why I need a probate lawyer near me for an estate administration case.

A probate lawyer is a state-licensed legal representative. They will drag the process smoothly in a proper way. They can advise on securing the estate’s settling disputes between claimants. Also, they can manage the estate’s checking account, inheritance taxes. 

Problems Of Probate Solved By Probate Lawyer Near Me

Since probate is a legal court process, it creates different kinds of problems.

  1. Argument Between Family Members: When a family member dies, that is a difficult time to overcome. With the physical loss of the loved one, the family must deal with the estate administration. For the different thoughts of family members, they start arguing over the property.
  2. Lack Of Privacy: Probate process is a complicated court case. In this case, the estate information is in the legal record. The personal issues of a family are public during the proceedings.
  3. Waste Of Money: Estate administration cases are one of the most costly cases. For hiring a probate lawyer near me and much expensive paperwork and court process, the cost goes up quickly.
  4. Slow Process: As many other lengthy court cases, an estate administration case continues for a long time due to the court proceedings and hearings. After the settlement, the property may lose its value.

Some Ways To Avoid Probate

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and time and also you don’t want to face different problems, you must avoid probate. You should follow the advice given below.

  1. Living Trust: The most convenient way to avoid probate is by writing a living trust. It is an alternative of will. It distributes your property between the heirs and beneficiaries after your death by a trustee. 
  2. Make A Will: A last will always be the best way to avoid probate. If you mention the beneficiaries’ names on your will, there is no need to file a probate case. It is a simple way to distribute your bank accounts and retirement plans.
  3. Joint Tenancy: Another beneficial way to avoid probate is holding your property jointly. If a real estate is jointly held, after one owner’s death, the surviving member gets the whole property. You should make sure that you are designated clearly. 

Advantage Of Avoiding Probate Through Probate Attorney Near Me

The main advantage of avoiding probate is saving money. The probate process is one of the costliest cases. For a fair settlement, you invest money in hiring a probate lawyer and other legal purposes. Also, this process is lengthy. Avoiding probate, you save your time as well. The probate process brings out many secrets of your family and causes an argument between family members. It is a court process, and because of the proceedings and hearings, estate information becomes public. This process is nothing but a gathering of assets information, wasting time and money.


The most intelligent decision is not to involve a probate lawyer near me and the court process in my estate. You should be prepared with your plans so that your family can avoid probate.

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