Can A Probate Attorney Help You Save Money

Can A Probate Attorney Help You Save Money

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Saving money in a probate case and estate planning is essential when you don’t have too much to spend. You must be aware of all the costs and consult a probate lawyer Queens for better results.

Why Do You Need A Probate Lawyer?

Estate administration cases are very tricky to handle. It becomes more complicated for family conflict. This case is better to deal with when the decedent makes a last will or a living trust. For estate settlement, avoiding the probate process is an intelligent decision because this case creates a lot of problems. Also, it wastes your time and money. But when the condition of the property distribution is in trouble, you must file a probate case. To solve the case correctly and for fair distribution, you should consult a probate lawyer Queens.

Role Of A Probate Attorney

After the death of a family member, his or her assets must get a reasonable settlement. When a probate process goes on, there are many kinds of proceedings and problems that appear, and the family member of the decedent cannot handle them properly. Here comes the necessity of a probate attorney.

A probate attorney helps in many ways to settle down the probate case. The role of a probate lawyer is-

  • Gathering essential documents for the case.
  • Keeping eyes on the life insurance policies, bank accounts, and retirement plans.
  • Assisting on the bill payments.
  • Managing the income tax issues and estate checking account.
  • Making sure that the distribution is fair enough.
  • Settling disputes between claimants.

Cost Concept

Probate attorney’s service is on a “contingency fee”. The lawyer takes money depending on the final settlement in the client’s case. They claim their fees in a percentage of the aggregate property value. Probate lawyer Queens takes 33% to 40% value of the estate. For example, if you get a settlement of $60,000, the lawyer will receive $20,000. 

Most contingency fee structure follows the above rules. But when you don’t get a favorable settlement, which means you don’t get money from the estate, then the lawyer charges nothing. To save money in a probate process, you must know about the costs of different proceedings. 

The lawyer gets payment by settlement check. If there is a dispute in settlement charges, the lawyer will solve the issue and take the fees. On the other hand, if you change the attorney during the case, you must make an agreement that the former lawyer owes no money.   

How A Probate Attorney Helps You To Save Money?

A probate attorney can help you to plan your estate. A probate lawyer guides you step by step through the process to help distribute property among claimants, and you don’t need to pay probate fees. The probate lawyer suggests ways to reduce costs such as estate planning before death, joint tenancy, making will or trust, etc. They help you to plan your real estate correctly. They also advise on your bank accounts settlement, retirement plans, tax issues, bill payments, and life insurance so that you don’t waste unnecessary money in the wrong place.

Three Ways To Save Money

Estate planning is essential to help your family members to make the probate process easy. If you make good estate planning, it will decrease your probate problems and save money. 

  1. Joint Ownership: If you purchase your estates jointly, it will be easy to save money. After your death, your surviving partner will be the unique owner, and he or she can distribute your share in a fairway. 
  2. Reducing Assets: Before death, if you reduce your estate by sharing some parts between the heirs and beneficiaries, it will not appear in the probate process. In the process, less property will spend less money. 
  3. Making Trust: Making a last will or a living trust will help to reduce your probate cost. If there is a trust or a will of your property, it will not appear in the probate process.

Avoiding Unnecessary Cost

In a probate case, you spend a lot of money in many legal proceedings. You can avoid the unnecessary costs spent on a probate process. Avoiding probate is the best way to save money. For avoiding probate, you must have estate planning. Transferring property to a trustee is another way to reduce costs. But if filing a probate case is necessary, you should talk to the lawyer directly. Otherwise, any settlement by a middleman will increase costs.


The best way to save money in probate is estate planning. You should hire a probate lawyer Queens who will advise you on the different ways to save money.

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