Queens Probate Attorney to Simplify Executor’s Job

Queens Probate Attorney to Simplify Executor's Job

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Want to appoint someone as the executor of the estate you possess? This means you have complete trust in that individual. You make that individual the sole administrator. He is in charge of all the assets and properties, you hold in your name. The person, in turn, takes up the responsibility of dealing with all your affairs according to the need and situation. This involves a huge amount of work that needs to be done on the part of the executor. Wrapping up an entire estate can be a very time-consuming procedure. It requires attention to detail. Hence, you need to be very careful about who you appoint as the executor of your estate. A Queens probate attorney can help you out with this.

The lawyers not only help you in appointing the right estate executor. But he/she also gives you some great tips on making the job of the executor easier. However, there are some steps that you can take towards making your executor’s job more convenient and easier. The steps are as follows:

Update the Beneficiary, Will and Trust Designations

Giving your executor a complete set of papers reflecting your last wishes will be a welcome present for the person. Have a close look at the trust or the will you have created and the beneficiary forms for retirement accounts. Also, look into payable-on-death designations if they are added to brokerage or bank accounts.

Make sure the living trust that you have come up with is transferred officially to the trust along with all assets like bank accounts and real estate.

Give the Executor an Idea about Your Original Living Will Along with the Other Significant Documents and their Location

If your executor knows where the will and the other significant documents have been stored, it will make his or her job easier. Remember, the executor gets its authority of acting on the distribution and the management of the assets from the will you have created. Thus, he or she needs to have easy access to the will once you are dead.

In this case, it is necessary for you to advise the executor as to where the documents are stored. You can store the documents along with the will at home or at Queens probate attorney office or in a safe.

If you are keeping the documents in a safe, access to the same might be restricted once you die. Therefore, make sure you discuss safe access with the respective bank. It is your sole responsibility to leave proper instructions for the executor regarding the location of the personal documents like birth certificates, passports, and marriage certificates.

Discuss Appointment with the Executor in the Presence of a Queens Probate Attorney

There is no legal binding to discuss the intention of appointing an individual as the executor, but doing so is always recommended. It is a wise idea because if a certain person is unwilling to serve as the estate executor, you will know about the same during the discussion. 

Also, it avoids you from appointing an unwilling executor who will not work efficiently and will also not be careful during the estate procedure.

Avoid Using DIY Will Forms

If you work in close coordination with a Queens probate attorney when trying to come up with your will, you will find that the attorney will advise you on avoiding the use of DIY will forms. DIY will form easily available online, and it can be tempting to go for these forms because they are affordable.

Nevertheless, what many people are not aware of is that these forms have many mistakes, errors, omissions, and outdated information that can result in delays, confusion, and litigation as well.

Hence, it always makes sense to work with a knowledgeable and experienced probate attorney when creating your living will.

Probate Attorney Introducing the Executor to Professional Advisers

You do not want your executor to go through the hassle of finding the professional advisors working for you? Then it would be a great idea to introduce him or her to the professionals.

This will make the executor avoid calling the bank, insurer, or brokerage firms for paying the proceeds of your life insurance coverage and the turnover of a mutual fund that you might be holding.

Suppose you are into getting advice from tax preparers, accountants, and lawyers on a regular basis. Then make it a point to introduce your executor even to these individuals.

Final Words

Want to make the work of your executor easy? Then you should consider whether the executor is at all willing to take up the job.

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